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""Thank you for such a beautiful picture frame for my prized painting. It is very well crafted and the construction method you provide is outstanding. I had it together in minutes. Thanks again. My wife and I both love it!!!! I will promote your site every chance I get."" - Bill B. from Illinois

"I LOVE your frames. The are so high quality and just beautiful. Thank you. I am signing up for your specials. Thanks." - Tina D. from Virginia

"Hi, received the entire order this past week in stages. I ordered 6 frames for custom artwork with mat and it came to 1/4 the price the local Michael's craft store was quoting me for a lesser quality frame to boot! I couldn't really get a full appreciation for the frame online, I figured it was white and wood and maybe lightweight or composite or something...when I received it in the mail I realized that this is not the same product Michael's priced me and when I went back to look at their frames, your frame equals their highest priced category so you all came in with a better quality product to my HxW specifications at 1/5 their price. I will tell EVERYONE I know about your company. OH-- last thing, the Michael's prices were during their 50% off sale too." - Stephanie M. from North Carolina

"Thanks so much. The frame is exactly what I wanted. Looking forward to receiving the replacement. The quality and prices are great...will continue to order from Custom Frame Solutions for future framing needs." - Ralph B. from North Carolina

"My frames arrived today. I'm stunned....they really are beautiful and I didn't have to assemble a thing! I was worried about the Plexi but it was so well protected and looks just fine. I sell antiques and had put off framing these old lithographs and plates because you can't make your money back on the frames. Your prices were so reasonable that I took things that hadn't seen the light of day in 15 years and will be hanging in my shop tomorrow! Thank You!" - Lily K. from Connecticut

"Thank you so much, the frames arrived today and they are perfect! I have 7 paintings going into a show this weekend and the frames look great! " - Jennifer B. from Massachusetts

"I have received the 3 frames I ordered. They look beautiful and are solid. I am very pleased and so glad I found you online. Thanks." - Audrey M. from New York

"Everything looks great and I am quite happy with the purchase. Thanks again." - Sarah B. from Maine

"Thank you. I received it and it's perfect!" - Rebecca S. from New York

"Thank You, I have had so many frames done that were in the $ 500-600 range, and your frames are just as good in craftsmanship. In fact I had two frames done for tiles in the same moulding at a "custom" shop and they were $ 100.00 each. Thanks for your craftsmanship, and your dedication to careful packing. I will certainly place more orders!" - William P. from California

"I will certainly suggest people use your site and order as your rates are great. Thanks again and have a nice holiday." - Kathy M. from Virginia

"My last order was perfect. Very happy with it!" - Rebecca S. from New York

"Received everything. Very happy with your product. If I need any frame work in the future I will be calling on you!" - Mary A. from Ohio

"I was surprised to learn that the frame was not already assembled. I was amazed how easy it was to assemble the frame using the little rubber hardware and how well it went together. That combined with the absolute quality of the frame, it's thickness (we expected the width but not the debth), weight, color, and beauty just blew us completely away. We are pleased to be able to recommend you to anyone in our little art circle and will be ordering many more times from you. Thank you." - Edward K. from Texas

"Frame Received. Looks Great. I'm Satisfied! Thanks" - Pascal L. from California

"Thanks for the reply. FYI, I received the frame yesterday. Love it and love the service. Thanks so very much for the follow up." - Linda G. from New Jersey

"I just wanted to thank you for the great frame and filling the order quickly! It looks terrific. " - Dawn M. from Minnesota

"Great! Thanks for the information. The frames are beautiful." - Richard A. from Nevada

"We received our frames and glass, the frames are beautiful. " - Jackie P. from West Virginia

"The frames I ordered have arrived and I am very pleased with them. There were no disappointment from pictures on the website to the real thing. Thank you for offering quality frames and good service." - Nancy M. from New Hampshire

"Thank you for getting back to me; even though the frame was not what I expected, I will continue to order from your company because I appreciate your prompt and courteous customer service and obvious desire to make things right." - Irma M. from Texas

"Just received the frame. Easy to install hardware, looks great and I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you" - Michelle R. from Wisconsin

"I received the replacement frame this afternoon and it is cut perfectly. I am impressed with the quality of the frame stock, it is very elegant. Thank you for the speedy turnaround, as I have a piece that needs to go into it for a presentation next week. It is so nice to have a merchant that provides such great customer service. Thanks again!" - Raoul B. from Louisiana

"Thank you for the quick turn around. Very much appreciate." - Susan H. from Kentucky

"Thank you, the frame looks good and is well cut!" - Pam L. from Virginia

"Thank you - they arrived last night!! Thank you. They look great. I was concerned about having to change the frame without seeing a sample but they look fine." - Rebecca B. from Michigan

"Thank you very much. I received the order in its entirety last week and assembled all of the frames. I appreciate the pleasant customer service you offered in resolving the issues with my incomplete order." - Lorig A. from Pennsylvania

"Thank you for your prompt response to my questions. I would say that my wife and are very happy with the other frame! Thank you again." - Matthew P. from Washington D.C.

"Thank you. I always receive good and fair service from Custom Frame Solutions. Thanks again!" - Robert W. from Pennsylvania

"Hello Guys Im glad I found You is a very practical way of make frame orders thanks a lot!" - Julio O. from New Jersey

"Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the frame I ordered from you. It is beautiful and was packed so carefully. I've just placed an order for additional frames and look forward to working with you again. Thank you so much! You've exceeded my expectations! " - Debbie L. from Pennsylvania

"Thank you for your prompt reply! I will recommend your company to friends. " - Barbara C. from Nevada

"I just want you to know how beautiful my frames are. Thank you!" - Constance R. from Wisconsin

"Thank you so very much for your care and concern for this order. Even though there were a few issues you got it done! Kara is excited to frame the artwork I gifted her almost 5 years ago! Thanks" - Jane V. from Florida

"Thanks! What a pleasure to get such a clear answer -- truly. Very many thanks!" - Christopher P. from New York

"I just received the frames and they are perfect. Thanks again!" - Jeannie P. from Oregon

"Thank you so much! I really appreciate the wonderful customer service you have provided already and I haven't even received the frames!" - Barbara J. from Ohio

"Thank you very much, I just needed to be pointed in the right direction. You have some really neat custom options." - Sandi P. from Arizona

"This email is to thank you very much for offering to make and ship a new frame. Again, thank you for the great customer service!!" - Ted S. from Alabama

"Thank you so much!!! I'm impressed that you got back to me so quickly! " - Jolyn W. from Washington

"I receive my order and it looks Great!" - Herbert L. from Virginia

"I have been on all the framing sites and yours is by far the best. It is the easiest one to select a frame and to order the custom dimesnions." - Larry K.

"I would like to thank you from the great customer service in helping with this order. This is the first time my wife and I have order customs frames from the Internet, and I can guarantee that all future orders we place will be with Custom Frame Solutions due to the great customer services we have received. Thank you." - Aubrey S. from Alabama

"Thank you! Just by way of feedback your website is excellent. " - Denice S. from Rhode Island

"This is not an inquiry, but rather a comment. I want to commend you on your superb framing and packaging. I just received my second order from you and am extremely impressed with your workmanship!" - Wendy B. from Washington

"Thank you very much. You are very patient and accomodating." - Peter K. from Massachusettes

"I just have to say, the shipping was very fast and the wood frame was great. Thank you." - Kimberli D. from Ohio

"I ordered 6 identical 17"X14" frames. They arrived in perfect condition, impeccably packed with the greatest care. The price was fantastically low and I would never hesitate to use Custom Frame Solutions again. I am really happy. They also came on time as promised." - Lebmit R. from New York

"Thank you very much for the e-mail and your personal recommendation. We really like the one you recommended too. Thanks again. You all have great customer service and it's much appreciated." - Justin P. from Michigan

"Thank you so much for your great website and your help." - Tom W. from Colorado

"I have just ordered my first print from my new wildlife photography website and finished it off with your framing. I was very happy with the product and can't wait to get it hanging on the wall. Quality products at a reasonable price are getting harder to find. Thanks for the great product!!" - Becky S. from Texas

"Love the frame - very happy with the quality - I will definitely order again!!" - Janice K. from Iowa

"Everything’s here and perfectly packaged. Thank you for everything- I really enjoyed ordering with you and will order with you again! Thanks!" - Mary Lyn L. from Alabama

"Thanks for your quick response. The frame looks great." - Cindy S. from Missouri

"Awesome! Thank you so much - amazing customer service!" - Colleen K. from Washington D.C.

"I'm definitely recommending your site to the rest of my photographer friends. I work for Nikon. Thank You." - Ned J. from New York

"Gentleman, I received your frame and I am very satisfied with your production." - Samuel T. from New York

"Hello, I received my frames yesterday. They look great and thank you so much for rushing the order. I really appreciate it." - Alison F. from Iowa

"Wow, you are extremely helpful with your tips on how to make things work. Thank you for your prompt response." - Matt W. from Utah

"Dear Sirs, I do love all the moldings/frames that we have purchased from you. We are moving over seas for a couple of years. I do still have several things that will need you attention when I get back. Thank you again for your beautiful frames and your great service" - Teddy J. from California

"Thank you. You have a great customer service. I will place another order shortly." - Genevieve G. from New Jersey

"I have received the new frame and it is a perfect fit! Thank you very much for your excellent customer service! I will return and recommend you to friends and family!" - Kim H. from Pennsylvania

"That's great ..... by the way ... I really like your frames!!!" - Ronald J. from Florida

"Wow! I have to tell you I am very impressed! Thank you so very much! I love the frame itself and look forward to hanging the new one after it arrives. Thank you so much." - Jan S. from Virginia

"Thank you. Again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you and we shall continue to do business with you in the future. " - Jules A. from Georgia

"I received the frame, accessories, plexi, and foamcore today. I assembled the frame, framed the artwork, and it now hangs on our wall. It is stunning! The framing materials were top quality; it was easy to assemble and the pieces actually fit together perfectly. Thank you very much for a terrific product at a very reasonable price. I will recommend your company to everyone who admires the frame!" - Carol G. from Maine

"Awesome. Thanks. I am trying to have them by the beginning of next week for a show opening. Your site is great and really easy. Thanks again." - Amanda D. from Tennessee

"thanks for the speedy service! " - Elly H. from Georgia

"I appreciate all that you have done to make this a really smooth transaction. Thanks again." - Richard S. from Texas

"Thanks for the quick resolution of the problem. The product and shipping were terrific and your customer service is, as well." - Carol S. from Vermont

"I don't have a question but I just wanted to say that I received the frame I ordered and it is just perfect! I am really impressed with the quality and the ease of putting it together. Thank You!!!" - Susan S. from Washington

"I wanted to write and say what a positive experience it was dealing with your firm. Selection, delivery, assembly and hanging were all very easy due to your products and instructions. The items arrived in mint condition due to your careful wrapping. I was able to frame and hang three large (24 x 36) posters I had, which were nice but did not warrant the extreme expense of professional framing. Now I have a professional-looking job at a fraction of the cost. Thanks so much. I shall be telling all my friends about you." - Alison M. from Canada

"I wanted to thank you very much for honoring my last request for a rush job… Your frames are beautiful." - Jerry W. from Texas

"My frames arrived in perfect condition and are fabulous! Thank you!" - Lynne G. from Georgia

"The items I did received look great and make a fine addition to my home's decor!" - Brandon L. from Kansas

"Received the frame and put it all together this past weekend. It looks great! Thank you!" - Linda V. from Washington

"Like i said in my voicemail, i am very pleased with my order an am glad i found your company. the frames i ordered are all very nice and in great condition." - Daniela J. from Florida

"It came amazingly fast, arriving yesterday in the mail. Thank you so much for such wonderful customer service!" - Michael M. from California

"Thank You. Even though the order was delayed and we received wrong items, Custom Frames has been very responsive to all my queries. Overall a positive experience despite the problems. " - Bea O. from New York

" Excellent! Great prices, fast delivery and custom products! Thank you so much. My canvas print looks like it is professionally done! I will order more for sure!" - Mike D. from Florida

"Just received my frame and it look great. Wanted to leave some good feedback on your main page but I didn't see the button on there. But the frame looks great. I couldn't get the foamboard and plexiglass from you guys cause my order was too big, but I ended up saving so much money. The local store wanted around $600, where as I got from you guys (including plexiglass and foamboard) for about $80 and it looks just as good. It was nerve wrecking cutting that plexiglass, haha, but it turned out well. The foamboard (40x60x1/8 inch) was only 10 dollars at a local store and the plexiglass was about $30. Thanks again for your great product." - Phillip T. from Georgia

"Thank you to all involved!! Both of the packages got here on time and the gift was assembled perfectly! You all did a terrific job, both in the components and in the shipping!! I am a happy camper! Thank you! I am grateful to you all!" - Pamela D. from Florida

"I received the frames and this was the first time I ordered from your company. I am very happy with the frames. Nicely done. Good mitering and corners. Nice finish." - Leo G. from Pennsylvania

"Thank you so much. What great service!" - Sue A. from California

"Many thanks for your customer support…it’s terrific." - Theresa S. from New York

"I appreciate this generous and professional response, because of this, I will consider Custom Frame Solutions for future work. Thank You." - Steve D. from Massachusetts

"I just wanted to thank you for the way you handled my order. The new frames are beautiful and I am very pleased. " - Carla G. from Connecticut

"Recently ordered samples, then placed my first order. Requested help with quick delivery because of an upcoming show. Got them today and assembled them already. Thank you so much for your help!!!! " - Elly H. from Georgia

"I just received the replacement frame and it is beautiful. I am very pleased with the rest of the items in my order and want to thank you for your promptness in delivery, replacement and response to my emails. I will be sure to use your company again and will not hesitate to recommend you. " - Leocadia S. from New York

"I just received this frame and am very pleased. It's perfect. Thank you! " - Nanette H. from Washington

"Thank you. I received the frames yesterday and they are perfect! Great custom service. I will certainly use Custom Frames again and will be recommending you to my friends." - Gordon L. from Connecticut

"Great product, easy to assemble, great quality and saved me hundreds of dollars." - Mark B. from Ohio

"Hello, received my frame today and i have to say its perfect in everyway. I will order from you again." - Louis B. from Connecticut

"Thank you so much for sending my order so fast, I received it on today 6:00 pm. it's such a beautiful painting frame, I love it." - Jam Nan L. from Pennsylvania

"Recieved frame today, thanks for your prompt and professional service. This was my first order from you, but will certainly not be my last." - Ed M. from New Jersey

"This is just to let you know that UPS just now brought the frames. They are wonderful and a perfect fit. Thank you so very much. We will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs frames." - Peter V. from Wisconsin

"Thanks for the great frame the great service and replying back to my e-mails . A great experience dealing with your company." - Gregory P. from Illinois

"I just wanted to let you know I received my frame and it is fabulous!!! I can't believe how great it turned out! I plan on ordering another soon." - Adam F. from Washington

"Hi - received my order - WOW! Great job - the frames are wonderful AND the odd large one was very easy to put together.. THanks so much and will keep you guys bookmarked for future reference and purchases!! Thank you SO much!" - Danielle M. from Virginia

"I thought I would let you know that my picture frames are perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks a bunch!" - Janelle M. from Indiana

"Thank you, We received the order yesterday. We love the frames, so easy and a much better value than going to a frame store." - Ester S. from California

"Thank you so much for expediting the delivery of this frame in time for a show. I really appreciated your efforts. I also wanted to tell you how much I like your frames. Each one has been just perfect for the painting. Keep up the good work. Thanks again." - Carol C. from South Carolina

"Thank you for your quick response to my concern. I am impressed with the way Custom Frame Solutions does business. I am very happy with the quality and wide range of choices of your products. My finished framed pictures look as good or better than any which I have had done in framing shops, and for a lot less money. Frames being made of solid wood makes a big difference. Sincerely," - Joyce C. from Florida

"Today I received my frames and they look PERFECT! Thank you so much for such great, speedy service. I will definitely use Custom Frame Solutions again and recommend them to my friends." - Hannah R.. from New York

"I just got my frame 10 minutes ago, I have it put together and OMG!!! It is stunning!! Can't wait to get the chalk board to put in the frame. It will be a piece of art when finished. Thank you so much. Just beautiful!" - Carla M.. from Georgia

"Just received one of two gold frames that we ordered from you. Just wanted you to know that the frame that we received was beautiful and went together very easy and the corners were perfect!" - Richard C. from Illinois

"I must write you and tell you how pleased and impressed I am with the frame that I just received! It is of' very high quality and very consistent with the picture online. I will certainly be back!" - Cindy L. from Connecticut

"I received the frames today and the walnut finish is perfect. I actually like it better than the original sample. I am excited to put it all together. Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service. You will hear from me again and I will be happy to refer your company." - Jean L. from California

"This company is outstanding, their customer service is beyond reproach, their product is a great quality, their prices are extremely reasonable and and they deserve everyone’s business. I, for one, will be recommending them for any framing/matting/acrylic needs and I will definitely be back when I need another framing job done. I found no areas that could have been improved on. This is just a company that is all positive and refreshing." - Debby R. from Washington (submitted via Feedback Form)

"I just received my frames and they are perfect! Exactly what I wanted, and very easy to put together. Saved me a lot of money! I will definitely be buying from you again." - Diane E. from New York

"I will recommend your site to all my friends in search of custom framing! I purchased a frame from your company a month ago and was amazed with the quality when I received it. Your customer service is helpful and friendly; the prices are very competitive; and the workmanship is impeccable! Thanks CFS!" - Rovetta M. from Illinois

"I received my picture frame today and it was just what I was looking for. Easy to put together and hang. Thank you so much!!" - Nick G. from Florida

"I received the frames today and they are more beautiful than expected!!!! Great job!!!!" - Roseanna W. from Georgia

"Thank you for my frames. They are great... I'm very pleased! Your elegant picture frame adds just the right touch!" - Dorothy L. from New York

"Thank you for sending the frame so quickly. I received it two days ago and it is fantastic! I will recommend your business to my friends for their framing needs." - Carl U. from Ohio

"...Let me say that I am so happy I found your website. I have loved every picture frame I have gotten from your company." - Judy K. from New York

"...The quality of your picture frames that you send out are excellent. The wedges were perfect..." - Linda A. from Pennsylvania

"Your selection and ease to find what I was looking for is what brought me back to your site, even after looking through others." - Deb R. from Michigan

"Your selection is fabulous, the shipping was incredibly fast and secure, picture frames were first rate and easy to assemble! I'll be using your service from now on." - Submitted via Feedback Form

"Received the new mat for my last frame. Fits perfectly. Thanks for your prompt attention to this and great products. Compliments on your packaging and great customer service" - Jeff C. from Colorado

"Thank you i received the picture frame and it's even nicer in person... i look forward to ordering from you in the future." - Christy W. from Michigan

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I recently ordered a picture frame and received it in the mail today. It was absolutely perfect for what I needed. Your prices were so great! I was hoping to not spend hundreds of dollars on a custom Christmas gift for my father and I didn't have to. I will be back next time I need a custom frame!" - Laura M. from Indiana

"I was new to framing and your website provided step by step instructions and it was so easy. My friends could not believe its done by me. I am ordering more picture frames for my new paintings" - Submitted via Feedback Form

"I received my order yesterday and am very pleased with your product and service. My partner and I were in the framing business for 21 years and now that we are retired you can rest assured that we will use you again. Thanks loads!" - Thomas F. from Florida

"Wow!!!! I am very impressed with this first order from your company... My wife and I both paint, and we live in a very rural area where the big frame shops are non existent, consequently we are constantly searching for an excellent framing service,.....looks like you just might be the answer. Thanks" - Gil R. from California

"I’m impressed with how well you and your company have handled an order of this size. Everything was packaged and labeled well – very customer friendly! Great customer service – you’ve answered my questions and shipped my picture frames out in a timely manner. I’m very pleased and will definitely be using you guys again!!!" - Jill A. from Iowa

"Thank you very much for your speedy reply, I am looking forward to obtaining the hardware. Your frame is beautiful and I will be sure to tell people when asked where I bought it from and how happy I was with your company." - Margaret D. from New York

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with my purchased picture frame. I had a small print that I needed a custom frame for so I tested out your service. I figure at worst I would be out forty bucks and a little wiser--but I was so satisfied! The picture frame looks great and it was ready to hang in minutes. I plan to be a repeat customer!" - Madison R. from North Carolina

"The new frame arrived yesterday and in perfect condition. Thank you for the prompt help and replacement, it is sincerely appreciated." - Todd W. from Massachusetts

"I received the picure frame today and I cannot tell you how great it was to spend what I did and how easy it was to put together. " - Mike D. from Texas

"This is to inform you of my complete satisfaction with the odd size frame I recently ordered. Not only did it come well packed and easy to assemble, but exactly as pictured. You may use this review in any way you wish." - Ivan W. from Georgia

"I am so happy to have found you guys! The picture frames and your services are fantastic! Thank you!!!" - Fernanda A. from Connecticut

"I have done business with you before and you guys are terrific! Very easy website to navigate and excellent quality product. Thank you." - Judy W. from New York

"The picture frames were perfect and beautiful! I was setting up for my show today, and I already got several compliments for my frames, so i really want to thank you for all the hard work, sincerity and rush delivery. hope to get more frames from you again in the future." - Heisuke K. from California

"To Whom it may concern, here is my application form. I hope this is the beginning of a great business relationship. Your products are outstanding." - Lourdes C. from Texas

"Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for the awesome service you gave on this order...It was delivered on schedule, in perfect shape. We were very happy with the quality and ease of assembly on the picture frames! They were perfect for the paintings just in time for the art show/sale...Thanks again, we will definitely buy from you again!" - Cathy H. from Utah

"To whom it may concern; I just wanted to tell you that I received my picture frame yesterday and I am extremely pleased with it. Not only is it attractive to look at but the quality is top notch. I am so glad that I found your website and will be ordering again from your company... Thank you very much for your help and your fine products." - Judy K. from New York

"I was having difficulty ordering online because of my lack of familiarity with framing. I spoke with Housh by phone and he was extremely courteous, patient and helpful. It made my ordering process pleasant and, with people like him in your order department, I am sure it will not be my last order from your company... Please pass along the thanks of this happy customer to him. Thank you." - Kraig R. from Texas

"What I need for the 3 picture frames ordered: loop hole hangers with screws, braided wire, bumpons, glaziers points. I only regret that I did not discover you years ago!" - Margery F. from New York

"Not only is it easy to navigate and order picture frames, the product when it arrives fits perfectly!! easy to assemble and the prices are incredible. One picture I had estimated would cost over $600 to frame. I did it for $100 here. I have passed on to my family this great way to save money on framing." - Submitted via Feedback Form

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with all the picture frames I ordered. I was a little scared at the thought of putting them together myself. It took such a minimal amount of time and the frames are beautiful. I will definitely order from you again, and recommend you to all my friends." - Sarah D. from Washington

"Hello, I am framing flat work so I could use glazier's points, eye screws and braided wire and little rubber cushions for the back corners to prevent scratches to the wall if you have those. Your picture frames were very nice, well constructed and made from quality materials. Tomorrow I will be ordering about 25 more frames." - Casey F. from Maryland

"What a beautiful picture frame and excellent quality. Shipping was extremely fast. I will definitely buy from you again." - Shauna C. from Utah

"The picture frames were beautiful. The mitres were perfect and we were really impressed with the quality. We look forward to ordering from you again. Thanks." - Judy W. from New York

"I have never left a customer comment before for any web purchase, but I want you to know that I am delighted with your frame kits and excellent service. I would recommend you highly to anyone. Thanks!" - Doug S. from Maryland

"Thank you guys so much for the great picture frame! I was pleasantly surprised to have the frame arrive all put together for me. I was framing a sheet of stamps for a christmas gift and everything fits PERFECTLY! I can't wait to see the look on their face when they see they were "custom" framed for them! Thank you so much for all the help, especially the personal call to get the exact measurements right (sorry - I don't remember his name that helped me :( , but he was great and helpful!) I will definitely use your site again as we frame a lot of personal photographs. Happy Holidays to you all!" - Bill S. from Illinois

"Have been meaning to give you feedback on my order...thank you! Am very pleased with the picture frames..the fit is perfect and I'm delighted with the work. I especially appreciated your help and the pricing. I will be back.." - Christine T. from California

"Thank you so much! Great customer service is always surprising and appreciated!" - Sara S. from New York

"I just wanted to call and tell you how pleased I am with my picture frame. It is more beautiful than I could have imagined. It is the same great quality I would get at my local frame shop, but a couple of hundered dollars cheaper." - Tara B. from Iowa

"Your customer service is absolutely WONDERFUL. I do appreciate you being so good about trying to get this done as soon as possible. I do greatly appreciate you working with me on this, your good will speaks volumes and I WILL be ordering from you again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!" - Lizzie S. from Maine

"I tried out several websites for frames, and I found yours to be much superior, with a wider range of picture frames styles; but mostly it was the ease with which I could place an order...and the price is very reasonable, a big plus." - Frank E. from North Carolina

"The picture frame worked out beautifully... perfect size and so glad I chose this frame!! Thanks for your great service and fine product... I will definitely use your company again!!" - Kim J. from Tennessee

"Thanks for your help... I'm glad I found your site, you have some really nice material. If I could get a catalog, that would be a great help also as I work on new jobs. Our purchasing Dept is about to place a large order. Thanks again for your time." - Jerry A. from Ohio

"Thank you for your input on my custom framing project. The picture frame I chose is beautiful!! I wanted to let you know that after many years of custom frame shops, I was absolutely floored to know that I can get high quality custom picture frames at such discount prices. I will definitely come to you again for all my future picture frame needs." - Mark O. from Virginia

"Thanks for the great customer service. I will certainly buy from you again when the need arises." - Sarah R. from Arizona

"Wow, that's great - much appreciated! ...your prices are significantly cheaper than what i could get at local framing shops, so i will certainly use you again in the future." - Jeff K. from Louisiana

"I have a piece of art I want to have a picture frame made for that is 27"x58". I was very excited to see that you made frames that size at such a reasonable cost. Thanks." - Ed O. from California