1. Photo Selection

Selecting the proper photo is key when commissioning an oil portrait. The photo should have high sentimental value and be free of distracting elements. The lighting, facial expressions, and surroundings should be ideal.

2. Ordering

During the ordering process, you will be able to upload your photo, specify the custom dimensions for your oil painting, and provide any special instructions to the artist.

3. Professional Artist Begins Work

Once your order has been submitted, we will assign it to one of our professional artists. The artist will begin the process of hand painting your oil painting, which should take approximately 4-5 weeks to complete.

4. Review and Approval

Once completed, we will email a photo of the finished painting to you for review. You may at this time approve the painting or identify areas you feel need to be adjusted. Once it meets your satisfaction, the painting is allowed to dry and is then shipped out to you.