How does this website work?

Browse our online frame collection and select your desired frame style, follow the sizing instructions on the product page, and add it to your cart. If your framing project requires any acrylic front, backing, or matting, you may select them under the "Accessories" link via the top menu, size, and add to cart.

How do I measure my artwork/item for framing?

Measure the exact dimensions of the item you are wanting to frame to the nearest 1/8th of an inch and order your frame and accessories based on those dimensions (see product page for sizing instruction exceptions when ordering mat or liners).  It will not matter which dimension is entered for width and which for height as it will create the same frame.  You determine the orientation when attaching the hanging hardware to the frame.

What is the Rabbet specification of a moulding mean?

The Rabbet is the recess on the inside edge of the frame where the artwork is placed. The size of the rabbet denotes the depth of this recess. Typically, this size does not affect the framing of any artwork since various sized offset clips or framing points can be used to meet the needs of any artwork depth / rabbet depth combination.

What material are your frames made from?

All of our frames are made using premium solid wood mouldings.  We provide only the highest quality solid wood frames in a variety of finishes.

What if there is an issue with my order?

If we make a sizing or workmanship error when making your frame of if there is shipping damage, you are fully covered.  Simply email us a photo of the issue or damage and we will arrange to have it replaced.  See our Policies page for what is covered and not covered by our replacement policy.

Do you accept returns on custom items?

Yes, you may return a custom item/order for a refund for any reason per our return policy for a refund of the cost of the custom items returned (less 30%).  Simply reply to your confirmation email requesting a return authorization.

Will my frame come assembled?

Small-sized frames will typically automatically come prejoined.  Medium- to large-sized frames are typically shipped ready to assemble to minimize risk of damage and to bypass shipping restrictions that may trigger hefty oversize fees.  Assembling frames is easy and no special tools are required to achieve the same results as the prejoined frames.  See our Picture Frame Corner link for an illustrative guide.  If you prefer to have your frames prejoined, simply note it on the special instructions field in the cart.  Requests will be honored so long as they fall within UPS and FedEx oversize package threshold and do not significantly impact your shipping costs.  If they do, we will let you know before proceeding.

Will the color of the frame I receive vary from what I see on the website?

The photos we have placed on the website are accurate color representations of the actual product, and there is very little, if any, variance in color due to manufacturing; however, since monitor settings and depictions of color on computer screens may vary from one customer to another, it is possible that the color received is not exactly the same as seen online.  Our frames have been categorized by color to further assist in this matter.

Is shopping on safe?

Your online shopping transactions are handled by our secure server using Secure Sockets Layer encryptions (SSL) throughout our entire site.  All credit card information is processed by the credit card processing gateway and is never seen nor stored by us.  The information we maintain is only what is needed to process your order (i.e., contact and shipping information).  We do not sell nor distribute your personal information to any third party.